Saturday, January 22, 2005


Doin' da Sponge Bob Rap:

Me and my homegirls started "The Sponge Bob Rap", now you can do it too!

First practice THE VOICE. Hold your nose and in a low voice say "Sponge Bob" the way Sponge Bob would.

Nope, say it lower, try again. Yeah, that's better. Now let's get started!!!

The very first Sponge Bob Rap was:

"His name is Sponge Bob, he is a square.
His name is Sponge Bob, he has no hair."

Now you try it...

"His name is Sponge Bob, -------------
His name is Sponge Bob, --------------."

That was pretty good for a first try. Don't worry, you'll get better, and have hours of fun Doin' da Sponge Bob Rap!

Go ahead, post your own Sponge Bob Rap (click on comment below) and stay tuned for more.

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